E002 Travelling the World Using Private Mortgage Investing with Jake Campagnaro


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E002 Travelling the World Using Private Mortgage Investing with Jake Campagnaro

In this video Jake Campagnaro (jacob@reccanada.com) and I talk about how Private syndicated mortgage investing changed his life and allowed him to travel the world. Jake has always forged his own path and used the passive income he made through a private mortgage investments in both a development and a promissory note to enable a lifestyle he was happy with.

I particularly thought he'd be a great guest because if he could do it at the age he did it at, anyone could. Jake even described how he borrowed money off a personal line of credit given to him by the bank to generate an extra 100 per month and and extra 8000 net over the course of 2 years using borrowed money from the bank. Since we all have the opportunity to do this type of thing, I thought it was worth sharing.

When investing in private mortgages there are a few things to know. Firstly, your investment is secured on real estate and provides a contractual return. It's extremely important to work with a reputable mortgage broker to ensure that they can get you into a suitable investment.

Private mortgage investing can be syndicated or individual. Syndicated just means that multiple investors are investing in one mortgage. While there is a suitability requirement to invest, it is still possible for anyone to do at least some investing. You can also invest in private mortgages with RRSPs, LIRAs, RESPs, RRIFs, TFSAs and the like if the mortgage broker has set the deal up that way. This is a great way to put your registered funds to work since so many people have poorly performing RRSPs and the like. Keep in mind that self-directing your funds with an appropriate institution such as Community Trust will be required if you'd like to take advantage of investing your registered funds.

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