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A recent TikTok video shared by a Twitter user has been going viral. The video shows a man changing his bank balance from minus to millions while shopping online. Twitter has the best responses.

w many times have we been in a situation when we were strolling through some online shopping site and wanted to buy something? But then one look at the bank account and we think, "Sorry, Not today."
Almost all of us have been there. Right?
However, this Twitter user has come up with a solution for exactly those situations. Yes, you read that right. Twitter user, Tierney Cyren who is a DevRel at Microsoft from Brooklyn, New York recently shared a video that quite literally broke the internet.
The video in question is captioned, "I have not seen anything on TikTok that touched webdev... until today. I am not disappointed." The now viral TikTok video shows a man in a hoodie trying to buy something online.
However, his bank balance is shown to be negative in the video. He directly goes to the backend of the web page and changes his balance. He then buys his item and the video ends with him wearing a Versace scarf on his head instead of the hoodie.
People on the Twitter thread are going crazy watching this video. Have a look at some of the most hilarious comments on the thread.
Apparently this thread is also imparting a lot of knowledge.


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